Meet Our Team


Raianna Brown

Artistic Director, Co-Founder

Raianna co-founded RAIIN with the vision of bringing dance made for us by us. Raianna is in charge of creating the choreography for the company. She is always coming up with new ideas and visions for the company. Thus her life is full of sticky notes, brain charts about new work, playlists of music to create to and master, and lots and lots of to-do lists. Typically, you can catch her in her car driving from class to rehearsals, or to RAIIN meetings, or to dance class. She is elated about this fall premiere in partnership with Georgia Tech and growing her choreographic voice.



Kyla Langdon

Assistant Artistic Director, Company Manager

Kyla is the face behind the operations, the emails, the scheduling, the company updates, and all of that fun stuff. She loves working with the RAIIN team and seeing all of the vision start to come to life. While her favorite place to be is in the dance  studio, she has no complaints about spending more time behind the screens of laptops and phone/GoPro cameras to making sure we have things to share with the world.  Not only is she heading the operations, she  enjoys working alongside her  best friend and Artistic Director with the sustenance of the show, the dancing, composition, music and production. If were to  ever see their messages, amongst best friend things, you may also find pictures from  around the city, Instagram posts that spoke to them, and random ideas that are constantly flowing throughout the course of the day. She is always talking about the show, the company, about their vision for all of this and how our team is  making this come to life. We are so excited for all of you to see the show in November.


Ta Nycia Wooden

Marketing Director

Ta Nycia (TippeyTay for the fans) has been in love with art since the beginning of time. In her childhood, you could find her with many different colors in her hair and ideas in her notebook. She believes in the beauty of everything and dedicates herself to showing others. Ta Nycia has a passion for photography and is snapping pictures every chance she gets. Her work is featured on our site! She uses her creativity and business skills to manage the marketing for RAINN Dance Theater. If she’s not asleep, you can catch her lollygagging around Atlanta or binge-watching cartoons.


Camille Atere-Roberts

Brand Director

Camille, or Cam for short, is another fellow creative added to the team. Her interests are very ingrained into all types of art, especially among digital art and photo editing. As a kid, Camille took ballet for four years, and the nostalgia of being amongst the dance atmosphere was strong enough to draw her into the RAIIN team. Camille currently uses her artistic designing skills to design and create publications and visual media for the company as the Branding Director. When she’s not designing, she’s probably in a corner dancing carefreely.

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